Thursday, February 24, 2011

I almost Juli

A few months ago I put the word out on the street that I was looking for some new dressers. A dear sweet friend said that her daughter had an old vintage dresser that was just sitting in her garage and that she was wanting to get rid of it. A little weary of what "vintage" meant I went to check out this dresser and unearthed a hidden treasure of sweet goodness. It was the shabby-ist of shabby cuteness that was begging to come home with me, perfect amount of drawers, real wood, and curved drawers. I was more ecstatic than I can even express right now {!!!!}. All until a few days ago when I found out it was given away to somebody else {tears are welling up}. I really really really almost cried {a little more welling}. I had been dreaming of this dresser {I kid not}, oh how I was going to spend warm spring afternoons sanding and painting and hugging and squeezing it. Anthropologie pulls had been held and admired. Will I paint you a pure white or a funky apple green or a steller silver? I am still depressed, can you tell? {wimper wimper} Goodbye my dear little 1940's vintage retro free friend. Your perfectness will make someone else happy as a wallow in my sorrow. 

Well the point to this overly dramatic story {I know, really silly things are like the end of the world to me} I got to researching how I could revamp my current Ikea {aka blah} dressers and I discovered this awesome website {} Totally creative people post their customized ikea furniture to share. Here are some that i liked:

 Jeni, wouln't you love this craft table?!?
 Lola told me she wants me to make this for her :)

 Cutest jewelry cabinet! 

This was called the "twin feeding station"!!


Anonymous said...

Nice I. Think lola would like the bed
Cool twin feeding station
Thank u for the post
Ur friend bobby

Jeni Perkins said...

Yes! I would love that craft table! Very cute! I am working really hard to "unearth" mine - wait til you see my before pics! :)

Marcella said...

*sob* I am crying too!!! I was so excited for you!

Those Ikea hacking people are so creative! The jewelery cabinet is so great and the twin feeding station is adorable!
Tell Lola I agree - she totally needs that fabulous bed! And we need to come up with a chocolate-free doggy version of muddy buddies. ;)