Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Zero Waste Jessica

I first read about the Johnson family in Sunset magazine. This family, who resides in Mill Valley, has no garbage.

Say what?

Yes, they throw nothing away. No...they aren't hoarders (see the pic of their kitchen above), they actually just live in a way that they don't throw anything away. Okay, maybe a HANDFUL of literal garbage (pic below is the garbage they accumulated in FOUR months.)

Besides some really interesting thoughts about the way they live (the woman uses beet juice as lipstick and cocoa powder as blush for peet's sake!), I really liked the way her pantry was organized. Check out at an article written about them in the Marin IJ and take a peek at the pic of the pantry. I'd be dreaming if I could get my pantry to look like that fully...but I'd be happy with it looking like that maybe at a 50% less obsessed way.

It's Simplify / Get Organized Month, I think this is the month my (my sad and empty) pantry gets a facelift!


Juliana said...

I totally saw that article the other day and was totally amazed!!! Very inspiring!

Clattie Skiles said...

I read this article last month in Sunset....a little extreme and unrealistic ( for me at least)! I believe in organization and simplicity, but not like that!

Jessica said...

She's got some great tips, but pretty extreme. I still can't get over the beet juice and cocoa powder, I mean come on..really?

Lindsay said...

I am a total believer in doing whatever you can to decrease your footprint on this planet.....but waste is pretty impressive! If they can do it then more power to them, but even small changes will make a huge difference in simplifying your life. Good luck with the pantry :)

Anonymous said...

nice article. Yeah i was thinking that to "pretty extreme" "doing whatever you can to decrease your footprint on this planet" i did! i stop driving
thanks for the post