Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cinco de Jessica

So my husband told me that I'm not being a very good project or blog maintainer. January I wasn't so healthy, February didn't really get me very organized and now March has rolled around and I've already blown it. What? Yes, I bought something. Now, let me preface this by showing you how cute they are and then I'm sure you will understand (these boots, but in brown):
Okay, so here's the confession. These got listed on eBay on February 25th and I kept watching them and watching them and did not even THINK about it being March when the listing finally ended, until I'd already bought them. As my punishment, I won't even WEAR them until April. I debated on saying that I wouldn't even open the box and try them on...but that's too much torture for me to handle.

Confession number two: I thought we were in the month of May for an entire week. Like really, really thought we were in May. I called my dad and asked how the Cinco de Mayo crowds were around his house (they live in an area that has a huge Cinco de Mayo parade) and he informed me that it was Cinco de Marcho.

Okay, readers, top that! Please tell me some of your most airheaded moments.


Juliana said...

Ok my most recent airhead moment happened at mom and dads house. I walked in and was trying to guess what they were eating for dinner by smell only. Trin gave me a hint that it was meatless. My very next guess...meatloaf. What a doof!

Jessica said...

That's good one Juli. A long time ago airhead moment was when I used to babysit for Deborah across the street. She asked me to pull her car forward; I was like 14 and had never driven, and I put the car in R thinking it stood for RUN. I remembered thinking it was like a computer - Start - Run. All I can say is thank goodness there wasn't anything behind her car wen I stepped on the gas.

Anonymous said...

Jessica "I've already blown it" i was all most there my self saw three Games that i would like to have.
as to your Q. "some of your most airheaded moments." I walked up to my supervisor, and said tomorrow tell Elva
She will not need to clean the main office, he ask why I
didn’t tell her, I said well she off today he ask if I new what
Today was. I said yes it’s Tues it her day off and that when he pointed to her
And said today is wed


Jessica said...

That's a good one Bobby! :-)

Jessica Boudreau said...

Well if I were to ask Eric he would say the "Rico incident" On our way to Yuba City there was a sign that said
I asked What's in a rico?
Well it obviously was the name of the place but it was all handwritten and had no apostrophe so I din't know! Eric and fam still give me a hard time about that! Oh well!

I love your new signatures by the way!

Jeni Perkins said...

It's nice to read your posts Jessica - I noticed you were M.I.A. on your blog but didn't want to say anything because I figured you needed a little break ;) When you 3 are J Project planning for next year I think you should include a month of "totally pamper thyself" or a "Me Time Month" :)

Jessica said...

I agree, Jeni :-) next month is gonna be so rough. NO EATING OUT. I'm really trying to stick in there but next month my sisters might just kick me out.