Monday, March 7, 2011

Dumpster Juli

looks a little like 'lil bro Trin

As I have mentioned before I have been dying to make an upholstered padded headboard. Before March 1st I stocked up on some of my needed materials:

Anna Marie Horner Fabric called Innocent Crush in Velveteen!!!! Yay!!

I also got my hands on some batting, french cleats {wall mountings} and spray adhesive. Then called on bro-in-law Joel for some power tools {...Oh yeah, love me some power tools...}

Unfortunately, I still need two items: 2" foam padding and a nice crisp piece of plywood. 
{64x44 inches...hint hint}
Its very hard to finish a project when you can't buy anything 
{...more hinting...}

I have the possibility of using clean new carpet padding from my good 'ol buddy Lonnie, the only problem is that I will have to do about 4 layers of padding and I am afraid its going to make the headboard too heavy. The other idea I had was to bake a cake for a local lumber yard as a trade for a piece of plywood. Is that weird? Would you take a home loved chocolately layered cusion of sugary happiness for a boring piece of wood...?

 What do you think?!? Is it worth a try!?!?

Ok, the other really sad and disgusting confession I need to make {other than I used to think Charlie Sheen was cute} is that on my way home, in the drizzling rain I saw a piece of foam on the side of Northbound 101, I actually considered pulling over and measuring it with my go to measuring tape. Ewwww! I cannot believe that thought came across my disgustingly frugal mind! I decided since this head board will literally be next to my head and face for many years to come I don't want someone elses old nasty foam that is most likely infested with bed bugs and lice. So there, confession made...I am a wannabe dumpster diver.

I will let you know how my bartering goes but please share your suggestions!!


Lorna said...

Foam is expensive!! I think instead of a chocolate cake you'd have better luck with muffins, cupcakes, etc. The contractor types aren't likely to cut said cake, serve on plates, have forks, etc.

Have you checked out ReStore on Industrial yet?

Jessica Boudreau said...

Have you heard of freecycle? It's perfect for what you need. People post things they need or want and other people post things they have that they don't want. It's all free and the idea is less stuff in the landfill, one girls trash anothers treasure! They have one for each city. Just go to and sign up. Then post a WANTED: Plywood & Foam! You might be surprised! Suggestion: Use a different email like a junk email cuz you do get a lot of emails! Hope you can find what you need!

Danielle said...

I LOVE the fabric. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Juliana said...

Lorna, I have been to ReStore and I LOVE it!!! The problem with this whole month is we're not supposed to buy anything...So I am trying to figure how to barter. If anything else I will run over there April 1st!! Also thank you for the suggestions on the cupcakes, great idea!!!

Jessica, I am signed up for Freecycle, but I really need to post my want ad! Thanks for the encouragement. I will do it ASAP and let you know what happens :)

Amara said...

You’re a witness. We know how to be bold…go up to the counter, give them you’re pitch about not being able to buy anything new and ask them for a trade. Bring a sample of one of your yummy cakes and go from there. If they don’t bite (pun intended) offer to put a plug in on thejproject blog. You got this babe ;)

Anonymous said...

freecycle that a cool website i had forgot about it thanks for the reminder.

Julie i know u can do it,

Jessica said...

disgustingly frugal mind. ha ha ha

charityc said...

I'll check the shed at Shon's parents for plywood! Ill have to bring a measuring tape... They have scrap peices there from remodeling! Might be too small...I will let you know!