Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February's Giveaway Winner!!!!

Are you a winner?!?

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Is this your ridiculously awesomely clean and organized pantry!?!?
If you are Jessica B. from Colorado than you're our Organize & Simplify Winner of a $75 gift card to The Container Store!!

Here's her before's:

Good job Jessica! We loved how you were thrifty in your organizational supplies and made labels so that your pantry will stay organized.

Now don't get me wrong we had a tough time choosing a winner. Check out some of the other entries:

Delia's Hubby's tie drawer

Delia's shoe closet


Rae's linen Closet
{Before} {After}

Krissy's Closet...It looks familiar cuz you saw it on national TV, thanks Nate :)

Jeni's Craft Room

The giveaway winner of the $25 gift card is:

Danielle Robbins, congratulations!!

Thank you everyone for entering the contest and be sure to stay tuned for some more giveaways!

The J's


Jessica said...

Good job everyone! It was so fun to see the organizational pictures.

Jessica Boudreau said...

WOW! I am so shocked, really! I knew I'd be up against some super tough competition! Well thanks! Can't wait to use my gift card! Do I hear a shopping day in Denver in the near future? I had fun with the project and we're on week 2 and the pantry looks exactly the same! YEA! Thanks so much!

Jeni Perkins said...

Congrats Jessica! Where did you find all those containers? Thanks also to the J's for getting so many of us to clean up & organize our messes! You got me motivated to finally tackle a project I was dreading :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, good job, enjoy

Rae T. (Auqakuh) said...

Congratulations! This was so much fun and I'm still reaping the rewards of a tidy linen closet. :) Thank you so much, Js! :)

Jessica Boudreau said...

Jeni- They are tupperware brand modular mates. They are nearly airtight and are easy to open. My mom had a cupboard full growing up and they were great! I never even knew brown sugar got hard in the box till I moved out! I bought all mine off ebay for 25% the cost of new ones! Plus they have a lifetime warranty- if they ever warp of crack or anything tupperware will replace them even though I didn't buy em new! By the way your craft room looks great, good job.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that gift certificate go to someone who apparently loves containers :) Good pick girls!