Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Broccoli! Jessica

I went to Juli's house and picked some broccoli that "I didn't even do anything to and I went outside and they were growing like crazy."

Green thumb/Garden envy.

That's okay. Zack's gonna build me my very own raised garden bed, so I can plant all sorts of things and watch them slowly wither and die. It will be fun. The raised box of death.

Cadi (workmate) and I are still doing weekly lunch swaps. Monday was kubota squash risotto with blue cheese (did I get the squash right?) and tomorrow we are having fresh garden picked broccoli salad and chicken tarragon soup. No pb&j's for these girls.


Anonymous said...

what no pb&j oh...... i dont know how i would go on with out that, anyway u will be fine with practise.


Juliana said...

I am so glad the brocoli is being well loved :) What should I plant for the summer!?!?