Monday, April 25, 2011

Nature's Ink Jessica

Isn't it fun to spot shapes in clouds, faces in trees, heart shaped rocks?

While tromping around at the coast we saw many things in nature that looked like another object. See the pics below and see if your first response is the same as ours.





This one - you've got to click on it to make it larger and look at the middle - it looks like a little laughing man is trapped in there! I didn't see it until I uploaded the photos, but I think it's so creepy looking!!!

(#1 - Elephant's feet. #2 - Liberty Torch. #3 - Peas in a Pod. #4 - Sea Horse. #5 - Man's Face.)


Juliana said...

Ok, so I got the elephants feet and a horse (not see horse) thats pretty cool though!

Jessica said...

Did you see the creepy face in the jellyfish?????

Anonymous said...

that really cool
i saw 1,2,3,4 not 5

Sam said...

#1 elephant feet #2 character from pirates of the caribbean, one of the more recent ones. #3 game of mancala #4 roasted pig for a hawaiian luau #5 something from the "bodies" exhibit.