Saturday, April 23, 2011

Over the Cookoo's Juli

Jessica has sparked a flame over here at the Castro/Fox abode. For awhile now I have been interested in getting chickens. I threw the idea to the hubster a few times with little response. Well, come to find out that our buddies/neighbors Shone and Charity have been mulling over the idea too. Since we are renters we need to run it by the landlords, who are also our neighbors. I have a feeling with a little convincing and some egg sharing that we will be able to get them on the boat. Look at these awesome chicken coops:

This one has a garden on the roof!

I know I dream big...but why not?


Jessica said...

What will it take to get a bee hive at your place too? :-)
Got your message about the broccoli, but we are out at the coast. Maybe there will still be some on monday? I'll call you.

Erin said...

These are sooo adorable! It really shows the owners care about their chickens a great deal to go to such fun creative lengths :) I'm glad they're given a funky home and a huge space to roam!

charityc said...

Hahahhaa!! I love those chicken coops! Forget about the ones at Western Farms! I think between Kit and Shon we could have an awesome little place for the way, I have a beehive already, just need to get bees for it.

Jessica said...

Get that beehive loaded up! Fresh honey and eggs this summer at the Castro/Fox abode. I really am wondering about Lola and Roscoe though...are they going to play nice with the chicks????

Anonymous said...

love those chicken coops, r u going to get one