Monday, April 25, 2011

Scenes from the Jessica

Zack knows when I need to be pushed out the door for some alone time as well as I know a certain look he gets when he needs to go to Sea Ranch.

For many years Sea Ranch was not fun for me. We packed up all the baby paraphernalia, unpacked all of it, and spent the vacation doing exactly what I did at home except now we were in an unknown house so there were more than the usual pattings back to sleep, more "careful don't touch that's", cooking, cleaning up, changing diapers, etc... (okay that sounds so spoiled!) But it's true. I'm not made to be a mother to babies for too long.

Okay rant over.

Now I enjoy Sea Ranch. The kids are old enough to swim by themselves so I can sit in one of those lounge chairs, read a book and give appropriate thumbs up's and "are you okay's?" They will get themselves out of bed, wipe their own little butts, whisper quietly while playing solitaire so that I can sleep in. No one needs anything special, they all eat normal food, we can all watch a movie with some substance, and best of all - everyone can walk at a normal speed with no need for baby carriers or strollers.

We had a great little quick getaway. Here's some scenes from the coast:

And I will just leave you with this picture of sweet little Anya. This little girl never makes a fuss about anything. Goes with the flow, sweet little un-squeaky wheel the world's worst car traveler. Ian (the squeaky wheel) tucks himself into a half asleep stupor while Anya twists and turns and makes little "i'm gonna barf" noises. I tried to take a picture of her distressed little face, but she wouldn't let me.


Juliana said...

Great pictures! You look so relaxed sitting by that big window. Made me want to go sip a cup o' tea :)

Anonymous said...

cool pix's look like a lot of fun

never been to Sea Ranch