Friday, May 13, 2011

Reality BITES! Justine

The reality that I could have been planning my new life with no children at home during the day but instead I'm rearranging bedrooms and my schedule to fit in a new baby is finally hitting me HARD. It might be because someone told me yesterday that I'm not very domestic. Thanks, appreciate that.

As a Work at Home Mom (yes, I've finally stopped calling myself a Stay at Home Mom) I am constantly struggling with an overwhelming amount of items on my personal and work To Do list.

I realize that I might be being a big baby here. After all, I haven't ever needed to find full-time childcare to go to work at a 8-5 job...and yes I am taking time out of my day to write a blog for which I do not get any monetary compensation for.

My dilemma now is, do I find more office or domestic assistance? Apparently, since I'm "not very domestic" the answer should be obvious. But I still struggle with the thought of working in my "office" while someone else takes care of MY household responsibilities just a few feet away from me. On the other hand, I would LOVE to hand over most of my office duties to someone else and just take care of the kids and home...though realistically probably cannot afford that.

Mom's, what do you have on your plate and how to you manage it all? Am I being a big baby?


Anonymous said...

Juggle Ha! More like throw everything up in the air and hope they don't come crashing down at once! Plus I am going to channel Forest Gump and say "Domestic is as domestic does" What do they want: you to be barefoot along with the pregnant part, doing nothing but baking cookies and folding clothes!?! You are an amazing domestic goddess - taking care of the house,dinner,shuttling kids to and fro, PLUS working from home. Not to mention the pregnant part again.

PS. being pregnant gives you at least 12 months of being as big of a baby as you want :-) 10 months of pregnancy and at least 2 months of recovery time ;-)

Love you lots,

Jessica said...

I have no good advice, but I do often think of this blog when I feel overwhelmed:
Her husband just passed away from cancer and left her with two small children, just reading through the archives when he got diagnosed and the struggle they had for a couple of years until he finally makes me remember that this is just one of many worse things that are happening out there, and that I need to remember to calm down, relax, sit with the kids and be present and give them quality time.

Try to prioritize and let go of a lot of things. Because no matter what you have on your plate less work, more work, dirty house, housecleaner....there's always going to be something that will make you feel frazzled.

It has also helped me tremendously to realize that there is only so much that I can handle, it may be way less that what someone else can handle...but there is no normal, it just is what it is. And I have to make a list of the things that MUST be done, and other things that come along that I might enjoy or that I would RATHER do instead of the things that MUST be done...most times I have to say no to it, because I can't handle more. Even if it's better or more fun than the things that must be done...well the MUST get done things...MUST get done. Too much in my head or on my calendar really can make my mental health decline.

Okay, I'm done rambling. Hang in there!!!!

aiwilcox04 said...

Just wanted to say sorry you feel so overwhelmed. Don't stress too much! If you need some help, I am always available!!! Love you,

Rachel H. said...

I guess I need to come over more...dang it lol :)
Anytime - I am always here for you. Love Yah!

Anonymous said...

Oh.. Justine your a great mom
And do a great job