Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Admittedly humorous.... by Jessica

My garden is growing and doing what it's supposed to. See the strawberries and little squash? Oh yeah, pretty exciting.

Sometimes, I wonder about myself though - my brain thinks about things differently than most normal people. I put up the little round metal cages around my tomatoes, and Zack took a look at it and said "why did you put them on backwards." and i thought, they're not backwards....oh wait DUUHHHH. I thought it was quite un-user friendly to have those big ole spikes poking at you when you're trying to pick tomatoes, but I thought I'd just deal with that when the time came.

So anyhow, I'm turning them right side up and will plan on not poking out my eyeballs this summer.

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Anonymous said...

strawberries !!!!!!!!!!!
oh...... im so at your home