Friday, June 10, 2011

Dresser reveal!! Juli

So for many many months I have been dying to get new non-ikea dressers. I wanted something vintage retro with a modern twist. I have already told you about my sob story of the dresser I lost (see here), can we just not talk about it? So for months and months I have been searching on craigslist and at the local thrift stores for the perfect dressers. Low and behold a pair of dressers popped up on craigslist within my price range and located in my city (that is muy importante). So I pounced on it like Lola (the bulldog) on Rowan (neighbor girl who often has food in her hands) and got me some dressers.

Here's the before:

We like to call it 1980's french provential

The hubster liked the original paint job, while it kind of made me gag. I went in knowing they would be a refinishing project. The amazing part was that these dressers were in excellent condition, barely used!

So after sanding and sanding and more sanding (with my new toy!) I had to buckle down and choose a color. I really wanted to go turquoise or bright green, but I feared that it would grow old and it would hinder my decorating. So I  went with Ace brand light gray and ivory. Nothing fancy! (oh and you absolutely have to buy the spray can attachment, so awesome)

Here's the after: 

 Do you love it?!?!

I drooled at how cute the hubster was when he helped me multiple times pull the dressers out into the yard, and then back under the porch multiple times {wind, heat and rain through June made this a loooong process}. And could he get any cuter marking out the chevron pattern to the T? Such a babe.

 Although a tad time consuming the chevron design was tooootallly worth it!

Here's a sneak peak into my spray paint station, a big concrete something that I found in my yard. At least it's good for one thing!

Now comes the literal blood sweat and tears tips:

  • Don't move giant heavy furniture in flip flops, goodbye little piggy that went home toe nail. {yes, i literally did the rhyme to see which one it was}
  • When you take the drawers out mark where they go back {Its like playing musical drawers around here}
  • To eliminate going to the hardware store over and over and over again, buy A LOT of the color you are using, and try not to get high on the fumes. Zonk.
  • When you buy the finishing glaze be sure you buy all the same kind {not 2 matte and 2 gloss} {and yes the wrong one was used, matte, only to find out after it started to dry funny, grrrr}
  • Don't spray gloss clear finish on gloss spray paint, it cracks the paint and ruins it. {grrrrr, drawer #2 ruined} This was found out as I sweatily ran the the hardware store, again in a panic. Thanks helper guy, too kind.
  • When you mess up on drawer #3 wait until the paint completely dries before you sand to ensure you don't have a goopy globby mess that requires more sanding and a few tears. {Jess that's when I had to take a break and eat something, I was loosing it baaaad}
  • Note to self there are two different sizes of pulls which include 2 different sizes of screws. Be sure where they go before screwing them all on the wrong drawers

All in all, this was a GREAT project that I love and I am so anxious to start the next one! The hubster got so into it that he suggested we pickup free furniture on craigslist , refinish them, and make a profit. We'll see. I think I would need a big workshop....hint hint....anyone?!?


Justine said...

The spray can attachment attaches to what?

Jessica said...

LOL, this is not at all what I expected the post to sound like! I seriously want to hack into your post and write the text conversation we had. I'll just post it here:

Juli: "Everything I did went wrong and in the end my dresser drawers grew and no longer fit in the dresser. Freaking out a little."

Jessica: "How do drawers grow?"

Juli: "I don't know. It might be that it's hot today and they are outside, but they don't shut all the way."

Jessica: "Maybe you should step away from the dresser and relax for a few."

15 minutes pass...

Juli: "Oh man I was getting so frustrated that I had to take a break and eat something."

Jessica: "Troups usually need a snack if they're frustrated."

Juli: "Agreed. An enchilada and some peanut butter m&m's are magic."

Oh I wish I was Lola this afternoon so I could have had front row seats when the drawers started to grow!!!

Jessica said...

Love the Chevron print and color choice!

sisters4saymoreismore said...

oh my gosh this is so great!!! i love the stiped top.. total genius!


ps... yay sisters!

castro321 said...

They look awesome and I'm sure Kit will be able to get the drawers to close. I love how you make old furniture new again. Thank you for all of the good ideas and the reusalbe baggies. I use so much less plastic now. I really feel guilty when I use plastic now.

Anonymous said...

it look really cool Julie, great Job
if i see any old furniture i will text you