Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marc Jessica

The criteria for my maximum enjoyment at a concert is high. If you can remember, the experience at the oyster festival was poor. Reason why? Number one criteria rule was broken. Too many people. I like my space. If we're at a concert and someone's sweaty arm touches mine - it's too much. I also need a wide variety of people to look at. If it's all young kids in Abercrombie and J Crew I'm bored.

A few weekends ago Zack and I saw Marc Broussard. The Independent was awesome, just the right size to house a not too large crowd, enough ventilation to keep everyone un-sweaty and many clean, well stocked bathroom stalls (another important criteria!).

Oh yeah...and the music was great too.

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Anonymous said...

yeah the whole sweaty arm thing yeah
i hear you

looks like a lot fun