Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Special Salad....by Jessica

On Sunday Anya volunteered to make us lunch. A very special salad consisting of cabbage, carrots, bananas and baco bits all tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette.

Hmmm.....what can I say?

I ate every bit and though the bananas/baco combo had me momentarily disconcerted, it was very interesting and more importantly very sweet of her. I think there should be no squelching of lunch making because she might get really good one day and if I say no now she won't want to do it in the future. And besides that, I made some pretty gross stuff while growing up that my parents ate and my mom's only rule for us in the kitchen was clean up after yourself. So I just let her at it and even when I heard her hacking away at the carrots, I resisted the urge to peek in and help. And when she said "I'm going to make a fruit salad...hmmm where's the lettuce?", I didn't say a word about how strange that sounded.


Jessica said...

hmmm, your a good mommy...I agree let them have fun in the kitchen so it's not a fight to get them to help later when they are older!

Alakai's Place said...

How Sweet!

Anonymous said...

mm looks good