Monday, September 5, 2011

Look don't Juli

Now I would consider myself a thrifter, but I have standards people. I will pick things up and try stuff on followed by a good squirt of sanitizer. But have you ever been to an "as is" thrift store? They basically just dump the junk unsorted in big 'ol bins and let you dig away. Dig, I mean you have to workout regularly to build enough strength to conquer those bins. As kids we used to go to the "as is" store on Barham Avenue in Santa Rosa until we realized that it was a little bit scary and a lot a bit nasty. The classic story was when my mom was calling for me across the room saying, "Juliana" and this creepy old guy next to me was like "Juuullliiiannnaa!" Mom was oblivious to the creepo as I scurried away to find shelter under her wing. Scary. Well needless to say "as is" is not my fav, but you can really find some good treasures. Check out what I found at The Salvation Army at Lytton Springs in Healdsburg:

Doesn't this look like some fancy decorators side table?
 Vintage suitcase, doll case and little iron doll bed
 Kirby Vacuum Accessory kit...Cha Ching!
This is the dump zone, not too bad, but still to scary. I merely peer into the boxes and touch only what is necessary.
 These were inside and too cute not to capture for you.

Now this was the ugliest thing I saw that day...fringe and fish?!?! Come on people!

To dig or not to dig, that is the question...what would you do?!?


Anonymous said...

The plan looks ok. And no I don't like diging

Jes said...

I say shop on the inside, not the outside, unless you are looking for furniture. I've found some really good stuff up there, but never in the bin section. Maybe I'm just too worn out by the time I get out there. That place is HUGE!

dragon*flai said...

Hey Juli, was this pretty recent? That airplane is so cute, Kai would love it! Though he would probably want to try to get into it...maybe a bad idea now that I think about it! :)

Juliana said...

Jamie, the plane was in the antique section for something like $450. Probably a little pricey for kai to destroy :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that will not be happening! haha