Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Time Exciting News....by Jessica

There's a new Goodwill opening in Santa Rosa. And not just ANY Goodwill, but a Flagship store. It's gonna be HUGE and organized and probably overpriced {by thrift store standards}.

Opening Day December 16th. The Thrifty Sisters will be there waiting in line to see the ribbon cutting {yes, there really is ribbon cuttings at these store openings. I've been to two, is that oh-so nerdy to admit?}

Here's the LINK to the Press Democrat article if any of you haven't had the pleasure of reading about it yet.

And just randomly today I Image Googled "Thrifty Sisters" and these pics popped up, what a fun trip that was:


Sam said...

I'll be there!

Juliana said...

Oh man, that trip was AMAZING!! I think we ned to visit Nate again. As for the new goodwill...I can't beleive the goodwill is going to be 1 minute away from work. Now I can spend even more of my lunch there! Ok, ribbon cutting here we come!

Amanda B. said...

Love that this [ginormous] store will be so close to home!

Anonymous said...

as i read it in the paper, i thought of you three, hope you three had a great time