Monday, November 28, 2011

Kiss and Juli

Despite the title, this posting has nothing to do with marital arguments or the fact that yes men are from Mars. It's actually about my new found love. Last year the J's weren't allowed to buy anything new, unless it was something that would be unhealthy to purchase used, such as: food, gum, underwear, and MAKEUP. Therefore there was a lot of makeup shopping done by a certain Fox wife. Yep, thats me. I am now curious as to what other woman use in their daily makeup routine. What primer is the best? Which mascara makes your lashes longer? Which blush is the most natural? So I will share my favs, nd I hope you share yours :) 

  •  I love Urban Decay's NAKED eyeshadow palette. I actually feel like I will use all the colors. 
  • I also love Urban Decay's Gilded Bronzer. It gives you a subtle golden sparkle on your cheekbones that makes you feel like a movie star {ok, not really}
  • The blush is also Urban Decay, I like it but not in love {suggestions welcome} 
  • For my foundation I have bareMinerals with the Illumination Mineral Veil. Once again I like them but not in love. 
  • They always say your brows frame your face so I have been filling in the bushes above my eyes with Benefits Brow-zings. I do really like it and I think it will last for forever.
  • My new fav is Tarte's Amazonian Clay pot eyeliner. It's the first time I tried this method and I really like it. It doesn't smudge or wear off and doesn't leave black marks under my eyes at the end of the day.
  • To set my makeup I use Urban Decay's All Nighter mister thingy. It literally sets your makeup so it looks good all day. 

What I really do NOT like is bareMinerals Prime Time. when it squirts out it is super oily so then {as suggested} I shake it up and bingo...broken pump. So then I have to dig out the primer. This has happened a few times. How lame is that? I went to the store and complained but they didn't really give a hoot. So sorry Prime Time, "you have failed me for the last time" {Star Wars geeks, please read in a Darth Vadar voice} So if you have a suggestion on a new primer for me to try, shout out!

I must also share with you a cleanser I just decided to try. it's not made out of soap so it doesn't really lather up, but it also doesn't dry out your skin, which is awesome. Super smooth. I plop on top some botanical moisturizer that seems to do the job and wallah...bed time!

Ok ladies, please share all your must haves in the makeup bag!


Jessica said...

The primer I use from BE is different from that's clear, not foundation color. Maybe you need to try that one. I'll give you a tester of it next time you're over.

Amanda B. said...

Okay, so for makeup, I use BE as well, and I don't use a primer. For the eyes I use Maybelline's Volum' Express (yellow bottle) mascara, and when I wear eye liner, I use a liquid liner from Avon (the only one I have found that I like). I also use Benefit's Brow-zings -- I'm a big believer in filling in brows, as it will make your eyes that much more noticeable :)

As for skin care, I am a huge fan of the Say Yes To Carrots (or Tomatoes, Blueberries, Cucumber) line. All their products are paraben free, and are mostly all natural. For eye cream I use benefits new eye cream (I forgot the name now).
I also use Norwex's microbial facial cleansing cloths for makeup removal.

Jessica said...

Makeup: I was a firm believer in BE until I tried the Aveda tinted moisturizer! seen here:

then the powder is even more amazing! It seriously makes your skin look flawless, you can use a brush for lighter coverage or the sponge it comes with for more coverage. here:

Love Aveda's lip gloss. Here:

Mascara is just maybelline waterproof falsies...don't try the drama one that just came out, it's horrible.

Bronzer i still use the BE one that came in the kit...forgot what it's called, or elf's bronzer from target it's like a dollar or two.

Eyeliner is the liquid pen from physicians goes one pretty nicely...

Skin care is aveda again. Here:

I haven't tried the toner yet though....

Lets face it though...I'm lucky these days if I get to put any of this stuff on my face:)
and no i wasn't payed to tell you guys how much I love aveda:)

Anonymous said...

I have been using the same BE primer Julie and don't like it either! My favorite is Stila it has pink,green, and lavender concealer in the primer and it's not oilly at all! Also, the BE mascara makes my eyelashes grown supper long and thick cause it doesn't have any tar in it! Love it!! Also, the BEST lip gloss is Channel the color is Spark it is a beautiful color on any skin type :-)


Justine said...

Ditto (or as some people say, Tritto) on the primer.

My two "must haves" are Lorac lipstick, color "Ingenue" and NARS multi-purpose stick, color "Orgasm"

I use Bare Minerals but after Jessica's raving review of Aveda I might have to try that...

Juliana said...

@ Jessica Bode - I have tried the regular BE Primer and that was fine, it was the tinted one that is the biggest rip off to me. @ Amanda - Good advice on the skin care, I almost bought the Yes to Blueberry face wash, but chickened time! @ Jessica Gilly - Holy Moly you need to work for Aveda! All the suggestions are great adn I can't wait for my stuff to run out so I can try all these new products!

Jessica said...

I have three family members that work at aveda:) Even if they dont at some point some of thos are products i now cant live without!