Sunday, November 27, 2011

Down Juli

I wanted to give the hubster a unique anniversary gift this year and since the millennium falcon was currently unavailable I decided that a weekend getaway would hit the spot.
It all started with tickets to our favorite late night show, Conan O'Brien. He was hilarious, and the experience was one we will never forget. 
They were selling Conan shirts for $30 a pop, but these custom T's were a total of $9 and everyone was asking were we got them, I just told them it came from a pretty cool place called my mind {and they walked away looking at me like I was a giant dork}
The cutest thing ever was when I saw a Goodwill and the hubster actually stopped and shopped with me. He was determined to find some jeans for work. It was kinda a bust, but well worth seeing kit rummage through the racks. I was hoping to find some awesome hand me downs from Victoria Beckham, but sorry gals, their Goodwills are just like ours.
A great place to explore some art and history was at the Getty Museum in LA {free, except the parking - $15 per car}. We went on a guided tour which gave us added insight into paintings that I would have just walked by. This Van Gogh painting was painted after he chopped off his ear and was put in a mental hospital. The white iris represents him feeling out of place. He also was a master of color and added the orange marigolds because they are naturally appealing to the eye despite the fact that iris' and marigolds don't bloom at the same time.
 Getty Gardens
{FYI - I really hate my current haircut...shield your eyes for the next couple months til it grows out}
 This painting literally made me yawn when I turned the corner and saw it....anyone yawning right now?!?
 San Diego Zoo

Can you guess what these animals made me think of? 
 Our So Cal buddies Ian and Ashlee
 Slaters 50/50 
 The 50/50 burger: 50% beef 50% bacon...1lb patty {measured after its cooked!} Amazingly Kit could only eat half.
 Jonathan Adler store at Fashion Island....the best shopping ever!!!
 Too cute!
 To die for....
 This store is my style 100% - Room Service

 I always see these chairs on design shows and had to see if they were comfortable...and they are!!! They are a perfect place to hide away. Just turn it towards the wall with your iphone and be anti social, I love it.
Our friends took us out on a Duffy Boat {electric} and we cruised around the Newport area at sunset, perfect for peering into fancy shmancy houses. 

Despite the fact that both of us were super sick the whole time, we had tons of fun! Next time we are looking forward to seeing more of San Diego {Safari Park/Old Town} and some cool LA Flea Markets. 


Jessica said...

Looks like fun! Those tshirts are awesome!!
We do San Diego for our anniversary almost every August (except last year)and we rent a house near the beach, bring our beach cruisers and explore the little old towns and all the wonderful antique stores!
I love SD! you should definitely try that next year:)

Becky said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I LOVE the Iris painting, Van Gogh is one of my fav's. I'm overdue for a Getty visit...last time I was there was on a school field trip (1996!) but haven't gone since it expanded. Now I'm a bit homesick!...and I think I need to go there the next time we go down south to visit family.

Jes said...

What a fun trip! I think I may have to devise a trip down there just to go to Room Service!