Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shopping Lately? Juli

Fall is officially here with the changing leaves and the brisk wind {ugh and the frost on my windsheild}. A change of season {which is very slight here in Sonoma County} makes me want to go shopping and see what's new out there. In the Marshalls changing room I noticed that they are really pushing the sales. While trying to decide if my selected items were a "definitely" or a "possible" I was stumbled on where to but my "no's" I suppose they don't want to give you the option of no, it's just what you are going to want "tomorrow." I just turned and turned in circles in confusion and in the end walked out with not one thing. Sorry Marshalls sales and 

 Don't get too sad for me...I did find a little something special at Macy's. Check out these puppies:

Thank you Macy's clearance rack with your non sarcastic sales tactics for making me look a little more scholarly this fall. Oh and by the way I am having a tough time trying to find some funky cute tights. Target was a bust....until I hit the little girls section {yeah size 12-14}. They have some awesome colors and prints...if only little girls had chubbier thighs.....don't worry I will stretch them out.


Jessica said...

anthro has great funky tight...however its not thrifty and its super depressing when they snag or fall apart!

Jessica said...

ok i was just at f21, they have funky fun tights for cheap:)

Lindsay said...

You girls are killin' me here with all this shopping talk!! However January 1st, 2012 is so close I can taste it :)