Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nailed it...by Juli

I have kid party envy. I see all these adorable kid ideas, yet have no kids. Would Lola appreciate a fancy decorated doggie biscuit that she can dip in a doggie teacup of english breakfast tea? I think not. Therefore I look for any reason to indulge little humans with silly little things. I was inspired by what I saw on pinterest and was hoping my cookie monster cupcakes would be at least somewhere in between the two.

They were pretty stinkin cute and now I want to throw a sesame street party and make the hubster dress up like big bird...Hubster...Watcha think?!? 
This origami "nailed it" makes me laugh....i am horrible at origami, a shame to my race.

Thank you pinterest for leting us know that not everyone is Martha Stewart :)
Nailed it.


Jessica said...

are yours the one on the right? i think you more than nailed it. ha ha that's a hilarious nailed it site. that is so me.

Amanda B. said...

Have you seen cakewrecks.com? Impressive cookie monster cupcakes btw :)

Juliana said...

Yeah mine are on the right.

Jeni Perkins said...

Juli, I saw your cupcakes in person at Jodi's house and they were SO CUTE! We were in awe! Speaking of Big Bird, I heard a teenager say to an adult who was trying to explain something to him: "I hear your chirpin' Big Bird!" I thought that was so funny! Now when Cean points out that I left all the lights on upstairs AGAIN, I just say, "I hear your chirpin' Big Bird!" Haha!

Ruthie said...

Hey Juli,

So if you ever want to come up and give my boys a party I wouldn't say no!! You and Kit are do for a visit anyways. And maybe you could talk your eldest Sister and family in joining you!! After all we are quite a bit closer then Portland so maybe it wouldn't be as overwhelming for her.

Lindsay said...

This is hilarious! Especially since my last few posts have been about recreating crafts that have inspired me....I hope mine don't fall under the "nailed it' category!


Anonymous said...

look like you nailed it