Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My 30 Justine

Okay, here is my 2012 Bucket List in random order:

  1. Make the perfect mocha
  2. Make coffee table photo books
  3. Make or finish kids baby scrapbooks
  4. Round out household emergency kit
  5. Paint trim in my house
  6. Redo headboard upholstery
  7. Lose 10 pounds
  8. Run 5k
  9. Run 10k
  10. Host a clothing swap
  11. Touch up kitchen cabinet paint (hey it's only been 8 years!)
  12. Try every cupcake flavor at Moustache Bakery in Healdsburg (I know it's tough, but someone has to do it)
  13. Have everyone in my hall over for a meal or coffee
  14. Consign baby clothes and equipment
  15. Aux. pioneer(March)
  16. Buy hubby an anniversary gift
  17. Paint bathroom
  18. Duplicate a pinterest wall display in bathroom
  19. Get rid of half my shoes (hubby likes this one!)
  20. Recover ottoman
  21. Spray paint something!
  22. Decoupage something!
  23. Find lamps for my goodwill shades
  24. Go rockwall climbing
  25. Write down the children's story in my head
  26. Ask dad to illustrate my children's story
  27. Go to Opera in the Park
  28. See Coldplay live
  29. NOT have another baby
  30. Use grocery coupons and save more than 50% for one "Big Shop

I should have as one of the items "Blog more often" but that's kind of a given especially with my past record!

Can't wait to see everyone else's Lists!



Becky said...

#2 sounds fun, and #28 is totally worth it!

Marcella said...

Love it Justine! Especially #28!!! Except the fact that it doesn't include the words "with Marcella." ;)

Moriahs Marvelous Cakes said...

How hard did you think about number 13? How big is your cong? It would prob take me two years to do that one! You brave and lovely soul :)

Jessica said...

Love #29 Justine:) at least not for this year right:)

Juliana said...

I love your list and I would be happy to help you try every cupcake at mustache...and then run after!

Alakai's Place said...

#15 definitely! WE already done a beach setting of course! XD

#12 and #16 a must!

Always interesting reading here! =)

Anonymous said...

i watched you run while on vacation/camping! and thought, wow she is crazy but then thought no she is just really dedicated. then i wish i had my running shoes so i could join you guys. then for the next hour or so i was rather depressed that i was just sitting there eating a bunch of junk food when i should've been running! i think you & your sisters will do GREAT with your running goals. i'm excited to see so many more runners!

Anonymous said...

cool list justine have fun i like # 15 hope all gos will

Justine said...

@FCB I laughed and laughed when I read your comment about me running while camping. That doesn't sound like me but sitting around eating junk food does! Maybe it was because it was so darn cold I just had to go running!