Monday, December 19, 2011

Wish I had my stroller or more Justine

Since no one else could go, I felt it was my duty as a "Thrifty Sister" to represent us at the opening of the new Goodwill. Good excuse anyway!

Here was the line when I arrived just a few minutes before opening.

As a bibliophile (book lover - new word for me!) the most exciting part was the book/music/video section. Doesn't it look like a regular retail store?

Unfortunately I didn't think ahead about how I was going to carry all that I wanted to buy and all the carts got snatched up. About 15 minutes into my 20 minute wait in the check out line (when my arm was pretty much going to fall off) I realized that even though I didn't have a baby with me I should have brought my stroller! Note to self for next Goodwill opening!


Jessica said...

No pics of what you got??

Anonymous said...

yes what did you get
please show, thank you
hmm What Jassica & Julie didn't go!!!!