Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oh Jessica

So the bread kick has ended (for now). I've gotten over feeling bad when I stop doing a project. It's just my nature to stop and start a variety of projects. If I decide I'm going to make bread for 9 months and then come to a screeching halt and decide to move onto something else...who cares???

Instead of baking, I've been buying our bread during half off time at the Downtown Creamery (Mon-Friday starting at 4:30). My patience is going to run thin of this shortly though because sometimes it takes a stinking long time to get your number called. (It's worth it though. But sometimes it does test my patience.)

Last week Anya and I picked out a wide assortment of stuff and when we got up to the counter to pay we were $2.87 short. I told them we'd be RIGHT BACK (the beauty of living in a small town) and we zipped home, rummaged for some change and blitzed back only to find out that a man behind us in line paid our balance owed. So nice!

If you have never been to the Creamery then you must. Our favorites are their tarts (chocolate and lemon, oh my!) almond bars, walnut kipferl cookies (and peanut butter!) and the donut muffins. Oh and we can't forget to mention their tomato and asiago rounds. The sticky buns are pretty amazing too. So is their bread. Okay, I'm stopping now. Just go, you will be happy (and buttery).

p.s. Bring cash or your checkbook. Or look real sad so the man behind you pays your balance.


Becky said...

I LOVE that place! We went there for the donut muffins once, and ended up getting hooked on the sticky buns! Oh man...they are sooooooooooo good!I always ask for them to warm it up. Good coffee too :)

Rachel said...

love to hear about a bakery that MUST be tried! It's on my list now! thanks

Jessica Boudreau said...

They are SUPER YUMMY! We stop there to get sticky buns too when we come to visit California! Eat one for me and the baby! :)