Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jennifer's guest Jennifer Bishop

I figured 30 things was a bit too much for me so I came up with 12 things for 2012. Can I get added to your blog??

1. Raise my hand to comment at each meeting
2. Type the Bible (Or start with the Old Testament)
3. Be less sensitive
4. Be less moody
5. Get my hair done once a month – grey hair is bad
6. Never look at my phone when driving – no exceptions
7. Take at least one college course
8. Order Shirts to sell on Etsy
9. Open Etsy Store
10. But a new outfit for all three days of the District Convention
11. Ride 50 miles on my bicycle
12. Travel to Spain with Seth Bishop


Jessica said...

I like #6!

Jessica said...

i love 8&9! And I must try typing the Bible as well, maybe it will help me retain more info!!!
good idea!

Justine said...

Great list Jen! What are the shirts you are going to sell? Are you going to sell some of your knitted creations? You are so talented!

Becky said...

I love #3 and 11!

Sue said...

Your store needs to have your exceptional hats and scarves