Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a little snack....by Jessica

My face gives me problems. Why am I in my mid-30's and still dealing with acne? Ugh. Anyhow, I have discovered a homemade concoction that works really well on my face. It's honey, white sugar, lemon juice and olive oil. It gives just the perfect amount of scrub, the honey is soothing, lemon helps brighten skin and olive oil is moisturizing. I mix it up in a small little jar with a tight fitting lid (ants like it too) and keep it in the shower.

I recently noticed that when I'd open the lid there was water floating on top which is a sure indication that someone has been getting into my face wash. So the conversation with the suspected face wash disturber went like this:

Me: So I have noticed that it looks like someone has been getting into my face wash. Is it you?
Her: {guilty expression and little scrunched up nose} Sorrry, it's me.
Me: Don't get into it, when water gets in there it messes up the sugar.
Her: Okay. Sorry. {long pause} It just..... tastes so good.

All those times that I've been banging on the bathroom door telling her to "hurry up and get done with your shower", imagining that she is being so slow because she is drawing on the shower door, washing her Barbie's hair, etc...she has actually been in there snacking on my face wash.

So as much as I wanted to be irritated with her I couldn't because it sure does seem like something I also would have done at her age, right Mom? {and yes, Trevor when you finally do read this - I do remember the midnight roasted peanut thievery}.

*the picture is a stock photo and the sugar looks powdered; I use granulated white sugar


Sue said...

A "yes" moment . By the way, who ate the pizza? A Troup mystery.

Rachel said...

maybe because of her lovely "fessing up" skills, she should get a tiny jar of her own to "taste". Altho perferrabley not when someone else is waiting for the shower.

Becky said...

Very cute, lol :)

Annalee said...

I'm with ya jess, almost thirty and acne won't leave me alone!! I'm totally going to try your scrub do you have a recipe for me to follow, I'm afraid of homemade ones because a couple have made my skin worse:(

Jessica said...

Annalee, this is late - I'm sorry I didn't see the comment earlier. I do not have a recipe, but I use about equal amounts of honey to sugar and just a small amount of lemon juice and olive oil. maybe about a teaspoon of each to every 1/4 cup sugar/honey mixture.

Annalee said...

Thanks! Ill try it asap, sounds like a nice mommy luxury