Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie Jessica

The kids and I went on a chocolate chip chowdown to rate the best of what's offered in town.

Here's the judges:

{aka Mr. Salty. Didn't want a nickname because he is...well...salty like that}

Ms. Sugar
{because she's so sweet}

Mama Spice
{because she didn't want Mr. Salty's suggestions of Mama Weirdo or Mama Hunting Dog}

4" Diameter
We described this as your classic chocolate chip cookie. The chocolate was good and there was a nice ratio of chocolate to cookie. I thought it tasted like really good chocolate chip cookie dough and Anya described the cookie as "really squishy".
007 013

5" Diameter
We loved the big chunks of chocolate and chewy texture. The cookie almost seemed slightly undercooked, so this is the cookie for those who love that soft texture.
003 009

Oakville Grocery
5" Diameter
This thick and fluffy homemade cookie was almost cake like in it's consistency; it reminded me of banana bread with a hint of coffee flavor to it. Though I wouldn't describe this as a classic chocolate chip cookie, there were nice chunks of chocolate throughout the cookie. The most expensive cookie we purchased, it was by far the largest and would have satisfied all three of us if it was the only cookie we ate.
005 011

Downtown Creamery
3" Diameter
This was a good cookie, but we all agreed it should have a different name. The cookie was very crisp and buttery and had almonds in it. The chocolate chips were small and you definitely didn't get chocolate in every bite so it lacked in chocolate flavor. Ian said it had a "cinnamony" flavor and "did not like it in any way". We think maybe it would be a better contender in the Toffee Almond Cookie Chowdown instead.
006 012

3.75" Diameter
This cookie is very flat and chewy with very small chocolate chips. I found the cookie to be very salty and processed tasting. Ian says he enjoyed the "long lasting flavor" which I agree with, but I felt the long lasting flavor was splenda or some sort of artificial sweetener.
004 010

Mama Spice
#1 - Cousteaux
#2 - Starbucks
#3 - Oakville Grocery
#4 - Downtown Creamery
#5 - Subway

Mr. Salty
#1 - Cousteaux
#2 - Subway
#3 - Starbucks
#4 - Oakville Grocery
#5 - Downtown Creamery

Ms. Sugar
#1 - Starbucks
#2 - Cousteaux
#3 - Subway
#4 - Oakville Grocery
#5 - Downtown Creamery

So, the consensus is...get yourself down to Cousteaux and get yourself some chocolate chip cookies!


Anonymous said...

What a cute idea! Sometimes I crave chocolate chip cookies from Safeway. Try them and let me know what place they would get!

Jessica said...

We went to Safeway Hanna, and we didn't see any chocolate chip cookies being sold individually or they totally would have been in the running! The little bin they used to have where you could get your own cookie was gone!! Unless we were just looking in the wrong place?... (Ian says we need to rethink Cousteaux as a place for break :))

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! I think I'm going to pile a few kids in my car & run around town gathering some cookies for our own chocolate chip cookie chowdown :-) Thanks for a brilliant idea! You're such an awesome mom Jess

Rachel said...

Haven't had safeway's cookies but if the bin was empty...maybe it's a sign of a good cookie. curious what a wonderful activity.

Jessica said...

The bin wasn't actually empty, Rachel - it was completely gone!
M, I'm not that awesome of a mom, I just post pictures of the good times.