Wednesday, March 21, 2012 Jessica

I needed a new rug.

My living room rug was over 12 years old and was all raggety on the corners and I was afraid someone was gonna fall when they tripped on the edge.

I perused Target and really wanted this rug:


The problem was, the total for the rug and rug pad* was:

Too expensive.

And no matter how much I fussed and putzed around with coupon codes, that was the lowest I could get it.

So, I searched some more and found the exact same rug at Overstock. Total price for rug and rug pad* was:

Still too expensive.

So I hunted all around the web and found promo and coupon codes and got the total price down to:

So, that's my thrifty tip off the week - hunt around for promo and coupon codes because sometimes you can only use one coupon code, sometimes two of them just have to play around with them. And Overstock's shipping was SO cheap - $2.95 !

I like it a lot, doesn't it match my couch nicely?


*Rug pad. I read reviews on Overstock and many people said the carpet was very thin and slid around their hardwood floors, so I got the rug pad. For myself, I don't think the rug is thin and it doesn't slide at all, so I could have saved myself the $50 rug pad. So if you're thinking of getting this rug, think twice about buying the rug pad right off the bat.


Jessica said...

haha, I used to have that same coffee table! Just sold less than a year ago:)
cute rug too!

Anonymous said...

Nice rug. It complements your coffee table and couch very nicely and adds a pleasant pop of color. A happy bit of spring...indoors. Hopefully this one lasts another 12 years too ;-)

Jessica said...

Jessica - Cost Plus? Good thing it's slightly distressed, helps with the car playing, greasy finger kid playing stuff :)
M - thanks, yes springy! Zack says it's growing on him...maybe a little too flowery.

Danielle said...

I love the rug! I have been having rug drama for the last year.

Jessica said...

Rug drama? Tell me more.

Danielle said...

More like living room drama. I keep switching my furniture, buying couches and chairs that don't match what I already have so I can't find a rug to match anything. But I just had my aunt fix up an old chair with a crazy pattern so now I'm committed to finding one to match that.