Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Jessica

Yesterday was the weigh in for the LiveFit Boot Camp Body Revolution Challenge. I found myself standing in front of a stark white backdrop in only my exercise pants and a sports bra with my weight hand written largely on a big white board next to me. It's hard to not suck in your stomach while someone is taking your picture, but I pooched out my stomach {we had to look extra awful so we look extra fantastic in 9 weeks!} and just imagining that picture being posted anywhere in this blogosphere is motivation to look better 9 weeks from now.

I didn't start out the first few hours of the challenge well; I had plans to have dinner at Willi's... I meant to take pictures of what we ate but I was gobbling it up and forgot - let's just say there was several fried items, buttery sauces and other stuff I won't be tasting for 9 weeks.

I did think of Juli though because I got to Willi's early and was able to sit ALL BY MYSELF at the restaurant and read a magazine while waiting. There was one seat left at the bar so I nestled on in, squished myself on in between two strangers and I read my magazine, took a whole bunch of pictures and tried to understand what Trin meant by aperture and shutter speed. I like sitting with a bunch of strangers where there is a lot of noise and activity that I can look at {and eavesdrop on} and not feel bad about having to keep up my end of the conversation. So I guess Juli and I are complete opposites on that aspect because instead of feeling awkward or uncomfortable I feel more like myself. Is that weird?


Salina Littleton said...

With the hubby out of town for work, I find myself at restaurants by myself. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you enjoy such times by yourself. Often I see people by themselves in situations like this & they're totally engrossed, & I wonder what they're thinking -now I know! When I lived in NY I loved to people watch. Even just sitting on my front steps watching them drive by in their cars was interesting(you wouldn't believe how many people pick their noses while driving!) Oh, I miss cities & loads of people everywhere!...sometimes anyway ;-) Now I sit in my backyard & watch my chickens...