Saturday, January 12, 2013

I just went on my first junior high field trip and I had a great time evaluating how 6th graders interact.  Here's some interesting things I noticed.

Both genders equally do this thing that I found odd.  Just randomly, even though you might have seen this person 5 minutes ago, when you see your friend you yell out their name and wave.  So I heard "Ian" and then just a wave,  a lot during the day.  It was odd.  You have nothing to say, you just want to wave?  And everyone did it.

Girls like to play/pretend being scared/nervous about everything.  "Shriek, elevators scare me"  "Shriek, that snake is so scary".  Why/when do we start playing the stupid damsel in distress?

Boys like to tell girls they are being dumb/stupid when they are doing the play/pretend being scared thing.  It's all a game.  Shriek I'm scared, tell me I'm stupid.  

Girls are very chummy with their friends.  Lots of hugging, braiding of the hair, lot of "I misssseeedd you!" even if one had just taken a trip to the bathroom or something.  It was interesting.  I don't remember being so affectionate when I was that age. 

There are boys in his grade who have FULL ON moustache's.  No joke.  Wanted to take a picture, but thought that would be total violation of privacy.  Believe me - moustache's that will need to be shaved starting like - tomorrow.   

(Man I want to post a pic of the kid with the moustache, but here's one of Ian and I on the bus)

Both genders are highly highly addicted to their phones.  One girl got finally got Wi-fi in the bathroom stall and stayed in there for a heck of a long time.  

When I got to school in the morning I wanted to see where Ian hangs out and with whom.  So I kind of lurked on the edge of the blacktop and it was interesting to feel the energy shift with me there.  Kids didn't want to LOOK at me, but they were definitely aware of my presence.  I also heard a lot of "that's Ian's mom" but no direct eye contact.  Totally different than my visits to earlier grade classes where they run up and want to say hi, hug me, etc.  They did finally acknowledge me, but it took a while.  

It was an interesting day.  


Rachel said...

oh my. can totally picture this. And it annoys me. How will I endure it politely?! Enjoy this time, it passes quickly and jumps right into High School. Can't wait to hear your report on that. ; ) Although what excuse will you have to show up there? forgot lunch, no money to buy... hmmm

Jessica Boudreau said...

Its funny how we grow and interact with people. I do remember being chummy with my girlfriends in school. Kind of funny to think back on that. Sounds like you're being a good mama and watching everything, but keeping a distance too. Keep it up!

jbbode said...

Did you notice that all the kids say "wait" before a question? That KILLS me!