Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stuff to keep my kids busy.....by Jessica

Early in the year I happened across several new in the box games & project items at the thrift store that I picked up and have been pulling out when the "i need a project" demands become to much to handle. At that moment, they have been lifesavers. Thank you Play-dough and Tri-ominoes for ending up at the thrift store for me to buy.

I recently tried to convince my kids that THIS would be fun to do. It ended up to be a disastrously messy event and the director was impatient with the photo subject.

I was also very pleased that 2009 Jessica thought ahead and bought tights for the 2010 Jessica. She very much appreciates it and will enjoy wearing a pair of hole free tights.

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Juliana said...

Yippeee to new tights!!!