Thursday, July 28, 2011

Date with Jessica

Well, I guess we can't say we had a date WITH Iron Chef Morimoto, but he was literally 2 feet in front of us at the sushi bar at his restaurant in Napa. I would have proof, but I (duh!) forgot my camera. So following is a (stolen) photo montage of our dinner at (with?) Morimoto's.

Looks all fancy schmancy, doesn't it? The tuna is pressed on a bamboo board and you scrape a piece of it off with the small little spackle tool pictured to the right of the tuna.

You then dip into your choice of
accompaniments (nori paste, wasabi, sour cream, chives, morimoto's guacamole, or rice crackers) and then finally into a little sauce bowl that was filled with what tasted mainly like soy sauce. Tasty? Oh yes.

We were just coming off of our fast and Zack was getting big eyes, but I told him we were going to take it slow. So after the tartare we shared the clam miso soup. I want to learn how to make miso like this!

I base all my favorite sushi restaurants on one sushi item. Tamago (egg omelet). Sorry Morimoto - Chef Ken at Hana still has my favorite.

We finished with a kanpyo roll (sweet gourd) and a soft shell crab roll. Again, Ken's got you beat. But we weren't complaining while we inhaled them.

Doesn't really seem like we took it too slow for two people who hadn't eaten real food in 4 days. My stomach felt full and happy.


Juliana said...

Oh man that sounds soooo delish! Now if you had a smart phone you wouldn't have to worry about forgetting your camera :)

Jessica said...

I knew you were going to say that Juli!!!