Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Foggy River Farms Veggie Box Review and Jessica

Danielle was the winner of last week's veggie box giveaway and is our guest blogger for today's post.

The McKenzie family will definitely be getting our recommended daily serving of veggies thanks to the ladies of the J Project. We were the winners of the Foggy River CSA veggie box giveaway, so Wednesday after work, we made our way to the cutest little farm surrounded by vineyards and a pretty picnic area. Everyone there was really friendly and helpful which was good because the Mister and I don’t have a lot of vegetable knowledge.

The first item we needed to get was something called a delicata. We had no idea what that was, but a very nice customer helped us out. Turns out its a squash, and its going to make a great addition to some gnocchi soup. We filled our basket with squash, cabbage that’s just begging to be in a Chinese chicken salad, the fancy carrots with the frilly green stems, green beans, onions and garlic. Then we got to pick our own larger squash from a variety. We went with the butternut because there is an amazing sounding recipe I found for BNS soup with bacon and gorgonzola.

Then we got scissors and a little basil-cutting lesson. They told us we could pick as much basil and cherry tomatoes as we wanted. Of course we didn’t remember that pesto is made out of basil until the ride home, but we definitely got enough for bruschetta. It was a fun weekday adventure and we're looking forward to some new recipes. Thanks girls!

Thanks for the review Danielle; we're glad you had fun with your veggies! Now, here comes the exciting giveaway announcement. Emmett & Lynda over at Foggy River Farms heard about last week's giveaway and wanted to donate a CSA veggie box to one of our blog readers!

So here's the scoop: if you entered in the previous giveaway you will automatically entered - but comment again and you're chances are doubled. So comment again! And if you missed out on the last giveaway and would like a chance to win a veggie box - COMMENT below and tell us what you're favorite fall recipe is. {mine is currently squash soup. which ironically could be my children's least favorite recipe for any season of the year any day of the week. forever.}

The winner must be able to pick up their veggie box from Foggy River Farms located on Eastside Road on Wednesday 11/2 between the hours of 4pm-7pm. Please comment before midnight Sunday 10/30 and the winner will be announced on Monday 10/31.


Becky said...

I love to make and eat home made butternut squash ravioli! Butternut squash has got to be my absolute favorite winter food so I like to squeeze it in anywhere I can, but to put in a pasta wrapper with sage butter sooths away any winter blues I may be having!

Mirjam de Rijk said...

Made Butternut squash soup for the very first time, it was delicious. Made it different with Madras Curry and Sambal Oelek. It was a hot butternut squash soup. My niece from Germany who is staying with us LOVED it.
Next I am going to try pumpkin soup. This fall I am going to experiment with the different winter squash.

Amanda B. said...

I LOVE making stews with my slow cooker in the fall/winter time. All sorts too... it's too hard to pinpoint exactly what, as I like to mix it up. They all usually involve vegetables and meat :) I might change up the broth... could be chicken, vegetable, or wine (all depends on what I have on hand!)

Anonymous said...

I love Soup in the winter. My favorite right now is super easy - just sautee what ever vegies you have on hand with galic and onions in EVOO, salt and pepper. Then pour in Trader Joe's Roasted red pepper soup (in the carton) and Presto! Top with parmesan and dip in some crusty bread and that is the perfect dinner!

Nina Stiles

Sue said...

As all my children know and remember very well is the famous turkey soup with all leftover vegetables from previous meals frozen and saved for the soup pot. No one said they hated it until they had grown up. Now, turkey soup is more refined with fresh local veggies. So much better. We also, downsized to chicken soup