Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sneak Peek....by Jessica

Jason & Krissy have been so patient and easy to work with during the whole Bode Family Shoot.  I told them that I have an aversion to smiling at the camera and if all the pictures of me are just of my shoulder, I'd be okay with that.

Ian and Anya had no aversion to posing, and I can't wait to see what shots they got of the kids.

If they all turn out like this one, I will be thrilled. 


Juliana said...

Oh gosh, as the picture was loading I was imagining an adorable candid shot of you all frolicking in a field of mustard...and then this little monster popped up! Still pretty cute :)

Jessica said...

unfortunately, there was nothing they could do to make us frolic.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, just imagining Zack frolicking makes me laugh! Funny shot of our sweet Anya. Can't wait to see the rest :-)

Rachel said...

can't wait to see the ones you chose. candid are the best!

Annalee said...

Reminds me of jessica palacios' fam, we have to bribe her kids to give a smile and not a silly face, the pictures turn out very memorable;)