Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Its the End of the Year as we know it...by Juli

Goodbye 2012...Welcome 2013!!

I cannot even express how much I loved last year. I had so much fun doing every single thing on my "30 before 30" list. In the end I fell short by four items:

  • #7 Make a lampshade with my Mom....But I did start the process by getting the lamp to my parents house...So lets just say it was half done
  • #17 Make a movie featuring Kit with a mustache & #18 enter a writing contest...waaaayyy too ambitious on that one little missy
  • #28 Submit a recipe to Sunset Magazine. Ok heres the deal: I tried my recipe twice {goat cheese chicken enchilada's with green sauce} and it is a winner, but the rules require to get it done from scratch to the plate in 30 minutes. I timed myself twice and I still need to somehow shave a few minutes off. Therefore I don't feel it is worthy for submission...yet

Here's a look at what I did accomplish on the list that I haven't really blogged about yet. Mostly because it would have bored you I am sure :)

#3 {get a facial} was done last week at my Mom's work {dermatology office} and although I am easily intimidated by any new experience it was amazing! It was more painful than I imagined and also there involved a foot/leg massage which I wasn't expecting {sorry for the hairy winter legs lady} Over all I wish I had done this years ago because my face still feels amazing and looks good. Plus she recommended some specific products. 

#19 Lola's Picture in the Press Democrat. I emailed the photo's to the editor and I honestly have no idea if they are ever going to be published. Especially since I don't get the Press Democrat. So if you happen to see the worlds cutest Bulldog on the back page of the Empire News then please let me know! Thanks :)

Here are some quick links to some of the 30's I did this year:

FYI someone added #31...Find Lonnie a Wife...I am sure you can guess who. Still working on that :)

So what do we have in store for next year?!? I know 2/3 of the J sisters have an idea rolling around that involves one of my most least favorite things. So I have to decide if I want to torture myself or have another fun year....leaning towards the latter.

So the real question is....How did everyone else do?!?!? A ton of you contributed your list to us but I haven't heard squeak as to what came about....Will someone share with us?


Jessica said...

Man you're organized. Did it take you forever to link up to each post or maybe there's a trick that I don't know about and it will be like that time i finally realized how to make pictures bigger.

Juliana said...

Oh man, there is no shortcut to add links. I didnt even check if they worked because that added another 30 seconds per link hookup. I am a tad ocd...even contemplting putting them in numerical order versus chronological order....

Jessica said...

wow. send some of that my way.

Anonymous said...

lookinng forword to what ever you 3 come up

Jessica Boudreau said...

I think you did great. Love your hair too, super cute! Look forward to your new ideas for this year.

Jessica said...

hahah #31....I can add another man to that list that needs a wife...I'm pretty sure you could easily guess who:) You did so good! I am afraid to even look at my list. I will soon though, and maybeeee get back to you girls!